ITS News August 2021

First.The positives!

Hospitality is and always will be very much alive and well. We exist to bring enjoyment. We bring friends and family together. We are a place to meet, rest and celebrate. We strive to provide entertainment and a welcomed break from the stressful day-to-day….and we’re good at it.

Bar Skills are Always a Plus

Hospitality people, even in lockdown there’s a lot of hope and action within our industry. There are many opportunities thriving in the midst of our current climate. We’re Australian’s! We’re social beings. In the spirit of wherever you’re living at present, locked down or free…here’s one on us, A bit of info for budding hospitality workers, current professionals and venue managers.

We share some of our cheerful inner happenings in ITS Bar Skills.


Of interest: Helpful info from Liquor and gaming, and a few compliance conversation pieces, which include keeping our communities safe (from the over consumption of alcohol and not necessarily COVID).

Here’s a note from our much loved ITS Director Damien Smith

Dear Students, Colleagues and Industry,

It has certainly been a challenging time for us all and especially our industry as we learn how to operate through COVID. We are aware that many of you have been caught up in the disruptions and lockdowns, and we hope you and your families are keeping safe and well.

How We’re Moving Forward

ITS has been busy preparing for its 2022 ASQA re-registration audit to deliver the accredited units SITHFAB021, SITHGAM001, and SITXFSA001.

One of our key focus points of late has been our student feedback including the annual ASQA Student Quality Indicators Report. Whilst not compulsory to report this year, we are proud to share with you that we received a 77% total satisfaction ranking on our courses! Next year it is our goal to receive 85% or higher.


Damien Smith, Director ITS


Following Student Feedback, ITS will now issue a certificate of completion to all students who successfully complete the bar skills course, in addition to their RSA and/or RSG Certification

Warm Welcome to our new trainer Melissa Clifton!!

Bright and bubbly Mel brings a sense of fun to the classroom as she delivers RSA, RSG and Bar Skills training across Brisbane and Redcliffe.

Her passion for the hospitality industry has seen her career span over 15+ years in national and international roles.

Enthusiastic to share her wealth of knowledge with students from all backgrounds and nationalities, Melissa lives to see people succeed.

This busy Mum of 3 loves sailing, speaking French, singing jazz and painting (probably all at once). Oh, and she also brews her own beer; but will be found sipping a fine wine because she despises the taste of beer.


What Are ESOS Supplementary Courses?

  • ESOS: Education Services for Overseas Students
  • The Minister for Education and Youth has made a legislative instrument exempting specific courses from the definition of course under the ESOS Act
  • This means providers can deliver certain VET and higher education courses to overseas students without CRICOS registration

Liquor Accords Keeping Communities Safe

Addressing issues facing the industry and local areas to create well-managed environments in and around local premises

Earlier this year, OLGR hosted a liquor accord roundtable that was part of a liquor accord reinvigoration project to encourage the creation and continuation of sustainable, effective industry-led accords in QLD.

Anti-social behaviour including alcohol related crime or violence, and concerns about excessive noise are some reasons for adopting a local liquor accord.

Made up of industry stakeholders, each accord is designed to create harm minimisation strategies that help resolve social issues, therefore every accord is unique.


Major Industry Update!

World First Gambling recovery tool launches in QLD

QLD has developed a world-first tool to help problem gamblers with the assistance of $50,000 in funding from the Queensland Government.

Launched on the 28th April, the Gambling Recovery Star was developed to support people on a journey of change, to live a life free from gambling and the harm it can cause.

The Gambling recovery tool allows counsellors and clients to work together to identify needs, develop action plans, and track recovery processes.

There are eight key areas counsellors look at, to determine what needs to be worked on and the support required to get there.

Source: Inside Liquor and Gaming News