Hospitality Employment Tips

Are you looking for work in hospitality?

If you’re looking to get a new job in hospitality, now is a good time to be looking.

As Spring is now here, this is when employers really start to assess their staffing levels, realising they will need to put more people for the season ahead.

They have plenty to get ready for as Christmas parties are planned, Weddings organised, and Melbourne Cup functions happening. On top of that as the weather warms up people just want to get out more often to all those hotels, clubs and restaurants.
If you are looking for work or thinking about a change now is the time to jump into action.

Here are a few keys tips to finding that great job…

Personal Presentation

How you present yourself, says a lot to prospective employers. For most venues, it’s best to keep it simple with a collared shirt, neat jeans and minimal jewellery.



Apply For Local Jobs

It’s also best to first apply for jobs that are local to you – employers will always give preference to potential staff who live close to the venue. This way, they want to know you can get there quickly and easily if they need you at short notice, or ideally have access to a car.



Pick Appropriate Jobs To Apply For

Selecting appropriate roles to apply for, will also increase your chances. While café work or function waiting may not be as glamorous as working behind a cocktail bar, it’s best to start where you will be most comfortable and make the best impression.

Stepping up as you build your experience and a few references is easier than shooting for the moon when you’re starting out.

Flair cocktail jobs are scarce and you need to be good.

Consider Using Staffing Agencies

Organisations such as Fresh Events and Pinnacle People, put staff into many of the key events happening in the lead up to Christmas. At this time of year, they could have up to 500 people on their books. Checking out their websites and uploading your info, can provide good opportunities. Just remember, if they need a picture, make sure you’re looking your best.

Hospitality Staff Registering Companies Can Also Be Useful

Some companies specialise in presenting opportunities for hospitality work, and can often provide more efficient results than more generic job sites.

BARCATS is only new, but focuses solely on matching hospitality staff to advertised jobs by venue. It’s all done through their website and employers are generally loving it, because it is more tailored to their needs then regular job sites, like Seek. Once you register your details, you can quickly look on it for advertised jobs in your area.