RMLV training and why it is important

RMLV Training

RMLV training is how safety and compliance for licensed venues is administered in Queensland. Therefore, if you are an approved manager, licensee or nominee, you would likely have already completed training in an accredited RMLV course.


The Importance of the RMLV Course

Compliance is one of the key focus points of the RMLV (Responsible Management of Licensed Venue) course and important to understand. Whether you are operating a smaller licensed cafe which only operates in the day time, right through to a large, late trading nightclub with regular forms of entertainment. In either case, a venue can be caught out through a lack of understanding of constantly changing Queensland Liquor Act.

RMLV compliance with ‘Principal Activity’

Many licensed cafes and restaurants, have their liquor licensing based on their main activity being the service of food. Because of this, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation has recently been issuing Infringement notices to venues straying from their ‘principal activity’. Due to some customers simply looking for simpler access to an alcoholic drink, this can create a challenge for venues whose liquor licensing is based on food service. Therefore, careful implementation is needed for a restaurant to conduct business and still comply with the laws of the Liquor Act.

Good training is smart business

If you are a restaurant owner or in management, it is good to attend an RMLV course. First of all, this ensures you have a comprehensive understanding on where you stand with compliance. In addition, your training should be with a Registered Training Organisation which has been approved by OLGR. This is especially relevant, as failure to comply can result in ‘on the spot’ fines. Added to this, is the possibility of increased annual Liquor Licence fees.

Therefore, effective RMLV training is a good investment in your venue’s compliance. Probably a relatively small investment compared to the possible issues associated with non-compliance.


Need assistance with RMLV training?

The days of BYO restaurants are virtually gone, selling alcohol is now integral for the profit margins of cafes and restaurants in Queensland. Furthermore, knowing how to do it the right way can ensure a good ongoing relationship with OLGR.
At ITS, we provide a one-day course for RMLV. These are held regularly across various Queensland locations, for maximum convenience. To see upcoming courses, click here. If you have a small group you’d like trained, we can also arrange training at your venue on request.

Consequently, if you have any questions on RMLV training, simply call or contact our team so we can assist.