Complaints and appeals procedure

At ITS, complaints and appeals are managed in a fair, efficient and effective manner. ITS will create an environment where student’s views are valued.

Complaint/Appeal Procedure

All persons wishing to make a complaint, appeal or any other manner of objection in relation to the conduct of Industry Training Services or any third party (such as other students, outsourced trainers, subcontractors, staff, trainers, assessors) have access to the following procedure:

Informal complaint/appeal

  • An initial complaint or appeal will preferably involve the student communicating directly with Industry Training Services verbally or by other appropriate means
  • All persons identified or subject to a complaint will be notified in writing of the content of the complaint and/or allegation and afforded all natural justice and procedural fairness in response mechanisms
  • ITS management will make a decision, discuss their judgement with the student and record the outcome of the complaint or appeal
  • Students dissatisfied with the outcome of Industry Training Services’ decision may initiate the formal complaint procedure

Formal complaint/appeal

  • It is normal procedure that all formal complaints proceed only after the initial informal complaint or appeal procedure has been finalised.
  • The formal complaint or appeal is to be submitted in writing, and the procedure and outcome recorded by ITS management in the respective register.
  • On receipt of a formal complaint, the CEO or a nominated senior management person independent of the complaint will notify the complainant as soon as practical in writing that they have received the submission.
  • The CEO will convene the complaint committee to hear the complaint
  • The complaint committee will consist of a panel of members with no previous involvement or vested interest in the outcome of the particular complaint or appeal. Members of the committee should include:
    • A representative of ITS management
    • A ITS staff member
    • A person independent of Industry Training Services (i.e. Richard Turner of TBS Consulting)
  • The complainant/appellant shall be given an opportunity to present the case to the committee at no expense and may be accompanied by one (1) other person as support or as representation
  • The staff member(s) involved shall be given an opportunity to present their case to the committee and may be accompanied by one (1) other person as support or as representation
  • The complaint committee will reach a decision on the complaint or appeal as soon as possible after consideration of each case presented
  • The complaint committee will inform all parties involved of the outcome in writing within five (5) working days of making the decision

Delayed processes

In the unusual circumstances where a delay in the complaint or appeal process occurs, where longer than sixty (60) calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal, Industry Training Services will inform the complainant or appellant in writing. In line with the importance that Industry Training Services places on open and transparent processes and communication, the first written communication will be made at five (5) days. From that point, the complainants or appellant will be regularly updated at regular intervals on the progress of the matter. Including reasons why more time is required.

Unresolved complaints and appeals

If the complainant remains dissatisfied with satisfied the resolution of the complaint after following and exhausting the complaints procedure, the student may contact ASQA and lodge a written complaint via the online complaints form.

Where the complainant or appellant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeals handling procedure, the appellant is to be directed to the following external agencies:

  • An independent agency or consultant within the VET sector
  • The Office of Fair Trading in relation to consumer protection issues National Training Complaints Hotline on 133 873

ITS Complaints and Appeals procedure can be requested at any time and is also made publicly available through our website.

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