Liquor Act Amendment Bill 2015 - Key Points

A number of changes have been to the Liquor Act 2002 via the introduction of the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Legislation Bill 2015. Although these can be seen in detail on OLGR’s website some of the most significant elements that have been introduced, or will be over coming months, include:

Note: Some information has recently been updated inline with the Queensland Government’s recent decision to abandon the 1am lockout.

  • Stopping the service of alcohol at 2am statewide without a lockout, unless the premises is in a prescribed safe night precinct (SNP)
  • Licensed premises in a SNP will be able to serve/supply alcohol until 3am. There will be no lockout for these venues until February 2017 upon which the lockout time will be 1am.
  • Amended trading hours will not apply to casinos or airports subject to a Commercial Special facility licence.
  • There will be on further extensions granted for the sale of take away alcohol after 10pm.
  • Banning the sale of high alcohol content and rapid consumption drinks after midnight such as shooters or shots. Although low risk specialist venues such as Small Bars (maximum seating of 60) will be exempt with the granting of an application to the Commissioner.
  • Community Clubs are now permitted to sell takeaway liquor within the approved hours to non members who are signed-in guests or visitors.
  • Craft beer producers will be authorised to sell their liquor at promotional events either subject to the applicable conditions on their licence. A condition will define a craft brewery as one that produces less 5 million litres per annum.


January 2017 updates to the Liquor Act Amendment Bill

In an eleventh our decision the Queensland government has decided to abandon the 1am lockout law which was due to commence from February 1 this year.

Premier Palaszczuk announced that after review of information since the introduction of the 2am closure and 3am for licensed venues in Safe Night Precincts it has been decided the use of ID scanners will be implemented from July 1. These scanners will become a requirement for venues in the states 15 SNP’s. It will be mandatory for these licensees to scan ID cards of all patrons in order to trade past midnight.

In addition, the number of one off permits granted to clubs and hotels to serve alcohol past 3am will now be reduced from 12 per year to only 6 and there will be stricter controls in place determining when venues will be allowed approval to apply for these.

The lockout laws were to be the second phase of the revised alcohol laws that were introduced in the July 2016 as part of the Tackling Alcohol-fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Bill of 2015. In addition to the early closing time, the banning of rapid consumption drinks such as shots and shooters became law.

Operators in areas such as Fortitude Valley have breathed a sigh of relief, reducing concerns that many of Brisbane’s and the states nightclubs and late trading venues would ultimately have had to close their doors in the 1am lockout had come into effect.

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