Damien Smith on the Slice of Business Podcast

With Angus Telford

ITS Bar Skills Director Damien Smith very much enjoyed being interviewed by his old Friend and Colleague Angus Telford, on Angus’ excellent new Podcast “A Slice of Business.” We highly recommend existing or budding hospitality professionals tune in for valuable advice, interesting stories and insights from Australia’s hospitality and small business experts.

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About Angus

Angus is an extremely accomplished restaurateur based in Brisbane. He is Director of the wildly popular and sophisticated Asian Fusion restaurant Madame Wu, and it’s younger sibling, trendy modern Asian street food inspired restaurant and bar, “Chu The Phat.”

Angus interviews business operators who’ve traversed the highs and lows of trade to own their own businesses. These are the professionals who’ve navigated the hospitality industry from operations to ownership.

Each week, Angus interviews people who demonstrate industry success, with a view to help others forge ahead and achieve their hospitality goals.


Key Points Discussed in this Episode

  • An overview of Damien’s current company ITS Bar Skills & RMLV
  • The benefits of the liquor licensing support Damien offers operators
  • How Damien’s long career in hospitality began
  • How Sizzler inspired Damien’s chain of Woodfire Pizza Restaurants
  • Damien’s advice on forming business partnerships
  • The high demands of the hospitality industry 
  • Current government funding opportunities
  • Diversifying through tough times like COVID
  • Business ownership vs hospitality employee
  • The hardest thing for Damien about owning his own business
  • Advice for people who one day want to start their own hospitality business
  • The importance of cash flow and being aware of opening costs
  • Current trends Damien’s observing through his course enrolments
  • Damien’s prediction on the next big restaurant trend in Brisbane
  • Types of hospitality businesses that are on the decline
  • Damien’s business values and morals 

Damien Smith

While most know Damien as Director of ITS Bar Skills & RMLV, some might not know he was one of the pioneers to bring wood-fired pizza to Brisbane when he opened Tomato Brothers.
Damien holds a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) and has lived an extensive hospitality career.

Due to his successful background as a restaurant group owner, Damien’s experience and wealth of knowledge across liquor licensing compliance, venue management and staff training is a huge asset to both his venue clients, and ITS course participants.