Hospitality Resume Writing Tips and Template

Ready to look for a job in the hospitality industry? Further to our article on gaining hospitality employment, we often get asked by our RSA and Bar Skills Training students what they should do to best present their hospitality resume.

Even if you haven’t had work experience in hospitality, it’s important to inform potential employers of your qualifications, alternative work or areas of study and the soft skills that you can offer them and their team. An attractive and well compiled CV is your first opportunity to impress your potential employer, so make it count!

Here are our hottest hospitality resume writing tips and tricks.

What To Include in a Hospitality Resume

Personalised Cover Letter

Make your job application personal by including a thoughtfully crafted cover letter. Here you should address your potential employer by name if you have that information, and talk specifically about their venue. Begin by addressing the job title or job advertisement you’re responding to, and briefly introduce yourself by outlining some of the key points in your CV that are relevant to the job. Touch on your career plans and outline why you’d like to gain employment at their venue specifically.


The position or role at the venue you’re applying for


Your name, age and where you’re from (especially if you live locally)


Years of relevant experience


Qualifications and certificates (RSA, Bar Skills Training etc)


Career / future plans, availability


Why you’re a good fit for this venue / position

Try to keep your cover letter to the point and not too wordy. 

Hospitality Resume Cover Letter Example

“Dear Michael,

I’m writing in response to your recent advertisement seeking casual bar and wait staff at Insert Name Hotel on Oxley Street. I’m a bubbly 19 year old self-starter from Brisbane, who has recently completed my RSA and accredited Bar Skills Training with ITS.

I’m an Oxford street local, and also have my own vehicle. The Insert Name Hotel is one of my favourite venues for fantastic food and efficient friendly service. I’d be delighted to join your team. I’m seeking long-term and reliable casual employment in a reputable modern venue.

I’m excited to join the workforce in the hospitality industry and continue to grow my skills both behind the bar and meal service. I’m an enthusiastic hard-worker who would love to help your customers enjoy everything your wonderful venue has to offer.

Please find attached my resume and references. I’m available to work day and evening shifts on weekdays and weekends as required.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully meeting with you soon.“

Best Regards

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Ensure you list a professional email address using your name…[email protected] doesn’t look fantastic on a resume.

If there were any particular requirements outlined in the job posting, such as minimum years of experience, or skills or qualifications that would be advantageous, you should also address these points in your cover letter.


Career Objectives

Begin your resume with a short summary of your employment objectives.
“To develop my bar and customer service skills and gain long-term employment in a busy and reputable Hotel in the Hospitality Industry.”

Summary of Qualifications

Summarise your key selling points that are relevant to the position

  • RSA Certificate and Accredited Bar Skills Training
  • 2 years volunteer food & beverage service experience in Sports Club Canteen
  • Outgoing and friendly personality with great interpersonal skills
  • Speak fluent Italian
  • Can relate to people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Located one block from the venue, and have own reliable transport
  • Enthusiastic hard worker, and keen to learn and grow


List your level of education, outlining any particular focused areas of study. Include any courses or enrolments that you are currently completing.


List and also provide scans or photocopies of your certificates including your RSA and Bar Skills Training Certification if applicable. If you have other skills or training that might be relevant, such as first Aid or Fire Safety Training, be sure to include those also.

Employment History

Outline your Employment Experience beginning with the most recent position you held. If you haven’t yet gained employment, here you can list any work experience you had while you were at school and any volunteer or charity work you may have been involved in.

When listing your experience include the following:

  • Business Name and Address
  • Position held
  • Length of employment eg. March 2018 – December 2019
  • Bullet point your key responsibilities

Outline Interests / Hobbies

Give your potential employer some brief insight into the type of person you are outside of work. Personality and reliability is a big deal in the hospitality industry. Employers like to know that you make good life choices and look after yourself.

“I’m a keen cyclist who loves to ride to the beach with my friends to do Yoga. I practice meditation, love to read self-improvement books and taking short online courses to keep broadening my horizons whenever possible.”

Skills and Attributes

  • Friendly and outgoing personality
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Stay calm and perform well under pressure
  • Very keen and quick learner
  • Master communicator
  • Positive attitude and life outlook
  • Well organised and efficient
  • Neat and tidy presentation at all times


List at least three referees, preferably previous employers. If you haven’t yet been employed, list reputable professionals that can offer you a character reference. This might be a family friend, teacher or sports coach. Be sure to list their full name, their company and position, phone number and email address.

It’s important to ask permission from your referee’s, and advise them that you’re currently seeking work and they may be contacted by your potential employers.

Hospitality Resume Design

Keep your design simple and professional. Some employers prefer to print hard copies of their applications, so keep colour to a minimum. Choose easy to read fonts rather than fancy typefaces.

It can be helpful to include a passport photo of your smiling self, which can help your application stand out, and make you more memorable.

Resume Coach is a great little online tool to help you build out a professional resume in minutes.

Hospitality Resume Writing Tips

It can be a distinct advantage to deliver your resume in person and briefly meet your potential employer. Try to do this outside of busy service periods so you’re not interrupting service. If you are responding to a job advertisement, forward your resume in the manner that the job posting requests. It shows great initiative to follow up on your application, and ask for any feedback from your potential employer.

If you land an interview, make sure you go prepared with questions about the venue and responsibilities of the role. If you’re a first-time hospitality applicant you might gain advantage by offering a few hours trial shift free of charge.

Don’t be discouraged if it takes a bunch of applications before you land an interview or trial shift, it’s a competitive industry! Take initiative by following up with potential employers and demonstrate how keen you are to join their team.

All the best and happy job hunting! If you have any other great hospitality resume writing tips to share, please let us know in the comments.